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The Law Offices Of Benjamin G. Kelsen, Esq. LLC New Jersey

The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen represents clients who have been accused of indictable offenses or disorderly-persons charges. Our practice is founded in listening to our clients. Your story is the story we represent, so we spend our time in consultation reviewing your telling of events and talking out different ways the law could apply. We believe that, amongst criminal defense law firms in Bergen County, this is a uniquely personal approach and we know that it drives results. Our primary concern is not to be the Bergen County criminal law firm with the most clients; our main objective is that, once you are our client, we provide for your freedom.In addition to relying on your account of the incident, we also want to investigate the evidence. It is likely that the prosecution only wants to bring to light the information that is incriminating to you but they might not put forth their best efforts to find the evidence that vindicates you. We start from the moment you get in touch with us and from your account of the incident to any other information we can retain, we start building a plan for defense that is aimed at ridding you of charges and defending your freedom.

The Hackensack Criminal Defense Law Firm that Knows North Jersey

Criminal charges are structured differently in New Jersey than in the rest of the country. New Jersey considers what most of the nation calls a “felony” to be, simply, a “crime.” This blanket approach means the State can take the position against that you may not have much room to argue your defense. If you have been charged with a crime, you need a Bergen County criminal law firm that knows how to combat the position of the courts. At the Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen, Esq. LLC, we take the time to listen to our clients and make sure they understand the legal issues involved in their situation. Our primary concern is protecting our clients’ rights and interests whether we are helping them with a DUI charge or drafting a will, negotiating an accident claim with an insurance company or representing them in a careless driving case. Our promise to our clients is as follows:

  • We will put our full effort into each case
  • They can expect to be treated with respect
  • They will be welcomed by a warm and personal environment
  • We will seek to gather persuasive evidence for a solid defense
  • We fight each step of the way
  • Our clients will be kept informed

Taking Action to Protect Your Interests

After Benjamin Kelsen earned his law degree, he earned a master’s degree in theology. Both degrees contribute to his personal and professional determination to help people facing criminal charges and personal hardships. His determination to help shows in all his practice areas and whether it is a case involving accusations of solicitation or is a DWI charge, he goes above and beyond so that the side of his clients is well heard. Many suspects are overlooked because they have no one that is concerned with their well-being.

Amidst the legal system it can be challenging to find a voice but Attorney Kelsen offers this to many suspects, leaving the judging behind and letting the case speak for itself. He knows that many people are falsely accused and he also believes that individuals who may have made a mistake deserve a second chance which is why he seeks reduced penalties for some clients so that they can have the ability to move on. For a firm that has a deep knowledge of criminal law and the court systems in the area, call the office now for an evaluation of your case.

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